Get In Touch With Us

Hi! We're Mike and Nicole and we have been married since 2007 and have one child - our Doberman, Grizzly. ;) We're outdoorsy types and love to hike, mountain climb, ski, kayak, and of course, go to the beach! We will both happily work the day-to-day job of making sure that all of you are comfortable and enjoying your time when you're at Serendipity. We want you to have your best vacation every time you come to stay with us and will be available to you via text, email, and phone.


Do you need to get in touch with us, have questions about the Outer Banks, or have questions about staying with us?  Please feel free to email us at serendipityouterbanks@gmail.com or use the below form.  They both go to the same place!

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll get back to you asap!